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Firma in the Ground

Australian Design Registration No 202213443

Our new range of Aluminum Screw in Pegs come in two sizes, 295mm long and 365mm long. We have designed the head of the pegs with a taper so when screwing the pegs into the ground the hook and eye will be flush with the ground. We have a provision in the head of the peg for placing a strong piece of round bar into the pegs so they can be screwed into the ground by hand or use a standard 17mm socket with a ratchet.

Once the Pegs are screwed into the ground by hand or using the 17mm drill adapter socket, it is easy to attach the guy ropes and trace springs through either the hook or eye.

The Pegs have been designed to be used without the need for all the different types of plastic attachments that are supplied with other pegs on the market. How many times have the plastic attachments been lost when packing up, then not being able to use the pegs.

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Ground Pegs 295mm Long. The Terra-Bite.Ground Pegs 365mm Long. The Terra-Big Bite.Pet Ground Anchor SecureGround Pegs 365mm Long. The Terra-Big Bite X 2.

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