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Couldn’t get that on a soppy little rotary line!

This was the comment from one of our customers.  Martin has a fifth wheeler and lives fulltime in his RV, he knows how difficult it is trying to get your washing dry.

All travellers know the problems they face after doing their washing.  There are not enough clotheslines in the caravan park, or you have the small rotary clothesline.  I know firsthand the problems when travelling as I had an RV.

Many times, I would do my washing only to find out my clothes were all over the park after winds picked up. This is the reason why I designed the All-In-One Clothesline.

We have had a number of great stories from our customers who have purchased the All-In-One Clothesline. Please feel free to send pictures and a story and we will put them on our Blog.

Thanking all of our customers who have purchased our new clothesline and other products.

Happy travelling!


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