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Caravan Awning Clothesline: Better, Best

Caravan Awning Clothesline: Better, Best

The ReverseMate All-In-One Awning Clothesline with built in Tiedown Clips makes drying clothes easier for RV Travellers.

We are proud to say our All-In-One Clothesline is being manufactured in Australia.

There are a lot of travellers on the road going from place to place these days and find themselves in need of a clothesline. The laundry facilities in most of the campgrounds have limited amount of electric dryers for your convenience but you can still wait a long time until one is available, and they cost you a lot of money. The down side is you do not know what has been previously dried in these dryers e.g. dog blankets.  We have heard recently that some RV Parks are installing electric meters and this will be an additional cost to travellers if you use your own washer and dryer in your RV.

For occasions when using the dryer is neither feasible nor preferable for delicate or special care items, daily drying of dish cloths, bath towels, swimsuits, beach towels as well as finishing damp laundry that did not completely dry in the coin-operated machines this is where the ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline will make life easier for travellers.  As per the pictures below, you can install the clothesline either under your awning and still have your privacy screen down plus can be installed externally if you have an annexe.

Sometimes access to a permanently-placed clotheslines in an RV Park is not convenient or available. A number of travellers use an umbrella-type clothesline. Even though these fold up the clotheslines can be quite large when you do not have much space to store them.  As many travellers would know this type of clothesline can blow over when the winds pick up and is limited to the amount of washing you can put on them.  The ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline can take full size sheets plus another line spare, they fold up into a 250mm x 210mm x 150mm box.


Our RV Rollout Awning Clothesline brackets simply fit over the awning tube. There is no need to purchase any additional items to install our clothesline brackets.

There are no other brackets on the market that can be used externally or under the awning with built in tiedown clips plus no drilling needed to install the clothesline,

Warning make sure the All-In-One Clothesline is removed prior to retracting the awning.

Our New All-In-One RV & Caravan Clothesline includes:

  1. Two adjustable brackets that fit over the awning tube.
  2. The brackets have two awning tiedown clips, one to be used when the line is outside the awning and the other when installed under the awning.
  3. Centre line support bracket to minimise the sagging of the wire.
  4. 15 metres of 4mm plastic coated wire with 165 kg breaking strain, two plastic strainer clip to tension the wire..
  5. The Clothesline centre support.

The ReverseMate All-In-One Clothesline has a

International Patent Pending Number PCT/ AU2022/050423.

Australian Design Number 202210665

Australian Regd Design Number 202214690

Being a survivor of Melanomas, Reverse Mate Pty Ltd is now a proud Partner of the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation.

With each sale of the ReverseMates we make a donation to the Foundation. 

We will have stock in January 2023, if you would any further information, please contact [email protected]

External All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineSheets on External All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineExternal View Sheets under Awning - All-in-One RV Awning ClotheslineAll-In- One Clothesline Brackets

Caravan and RV Renovations – 6 Simple Ideas

Caravan and RV Renovations – 6 Simple Ideas

The number of RV owners has increased dramatically over the last decade. Millions have been attracted to the RV camping lifestyle. Many people are drawn to the open road because it offers freedom, adventure, and freedom. It is convenient and attractive to travel in an RV that can be taken anywhere. Many RV owners want to personalize their RVs, but RV interiors can be quite outdated. As many people want to personalize their RVs, RV renovation is a growing trend.

There are many options for RV customisation and renovation. Many people build their own homes on wheels by gutting and building them from scratch, using a Sprinter van or bus as a base. Some people remodel an RV or fifth wheel. The layout is the same, but the decor and colours are altered. There are many things you can do for your RV to make it feel more personal and homey. These are great ideas to get you started, regardless of what your plans are for your home on wheels. Some are easy, while others take more time.

Decorate your RV

Your RV’s decor is one of the most important things you can change. Simple things such as window treatments or bedding can make a big difference in the look and feel of your RV. You can also add area rugs, wall hangings and throw pillows throughout your space to give it a homey and personal feel. You can decorate with items you have collected on your travels or take your favourite pieces from home. Keep it simple, no matter what you do! You can do a lot with a little. There are many RV accessories that you can use to decorate your RV and make it your home on wheels.

Replace Furniture

Furniture is one of the most common reasons RVs look so tired. Some furniture might be covered with floral or tropical prints depending on its age. Others may have checkered/striped patterns. It is easy to upgrade a space by adding new furniture. Futons can be a great replacement for couches, and Ikea offers a wide selection that is perfect for small spaces. You can also cover dinette bench cushions easily. You can make your RV more personal with furniture swaps.

Add a Splash Back

Backsplashes can be very easy to put in and make your kitchen or bathroom look better. In a moving vehicle, traditional ceramic backsplashes should not be used. The best option for RVs is the peel-and-stick tile backsplash. They are easy to use, affordable, and great for RVs. There are many options available. They can instantly add an individual touch to your RV, as well as reducing the risk of staining from cooking. If you intend to place yours near the stove, make sure to follow all instructions.

Add details throughout

Small details can make all the difference in your RV. It’s easy to change small details like drawer and cabinet handles, faucets and light switch covers. However, they can add a lot of personality and character to your space. A wallpaper accent wall is another option. You can add personalization to these interior elements, gradually making your RV more unique.


It is not an easy task to paint RV interiors. This is the one thing that can change the look of your interior renovation. White is a popular colour because it can make small spaces feel larger. Other colours may also be very popular, and they might stay cleaner-looking for a while.

It is important to decide whether you plan on painting the walls alone or all of the cabinets. It is a good idea to sand all surfaces first. Laminate-type materials are used to cover RV wallpaper and cabinets. This makes it difficult for paint to stick to them. It is recommended that primer be applied before applying the final colour. It can take up to a week to paint and is an important part of the renovation. The results are worth the effort to create a brighter, more modern space.

Replace the Flooring

Another big task is flooring. It can completely transform a space. Most RVs have carpet, but wood-look flooring can give the RV a modern look. It is difficult to tear up the carpet, and you will need to remove tons of staples. Once you are done, you can start laying flooring.

Although natural hardwood floors are beautiful, they can be too heavy to fit into RV weight limits. Laminate floors can often look just like wood but at a fraction of the cost and weight. The most popular choices for RVs are click-and lock and peel-and-stick floors. Each option has its pros and cons, so make sure you research them all before making a decision about which one is best for your RV.

Reversing Aids

After you have finished all your hard work with the reno and start travelling the last thing you need is the stress in your life when reversing your caravan or RV into a site, this is where the Reverse Mate comes into play.

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