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2023 Best New Product/Accessory finalists announced..

2023 Best New Product/Accessory finalists announced..


After receiving a finalist nomination with his Reverse Aid kit back in 2021, Queensland’s Grahame Pilgrim is back in the mix in the 2023 Best New Product/Accessories category with his latest RV-related invention, the All-in-One Awning Clothesline.

Taking some of the hassle out of drying bed sheets and towels when caravanning in free or remote camps, the All-in-One Awning Clothesline weighs just 2.6kg and takes up less storage space than a more        conventional portable clothesline. It also won’t blow over in the wind and can dry more washing at the onetime including larger items like sheets and towels.

The clothesline is relatively easy to install and requires no drilling or other tools to assemble, with all the special bits required for set-up included in the box.

All-In-One Clothesline Brackets Load Tested

All-In-One Clothesline Brackets Load Tested


There are ads referring to RV and Caravan Clotheslines Voiding Warranty! We had our Brackets load tested by one of the largest rollout awning suppliers in Australia, the picture shows the brackets held the weight of two skip pallets, they could have taken more load as the plastic coated closeline wire we supply will carry a load up to 160kgs.

The kit includes two brackets that are shaped to grip the circular awning barrel, 15m of clothesline wire, four hand knobs and one aluminium tensioner. With the awning rolled out to your preferred pitch, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to set-up the clothesline on the outside of the awning, or underneath. The fact the All-In-One RV Clothesline can be set-up under the awning is a brilliant feature, and it’s just as easy to do it this way as it is to set it up outside of the awning.

Each of the two aluminium brackets has a tongue that slides into one of the awning’s grooves. With both brackets fitted either end. Each bracket has a special ‘arm’, to which the supplied clothesline is secured.

These arms are highly adjustable, so finding level isn’t too difficult. Once you have the brackets fitted and the arms have been adjusted to the best position, you can now fit the clothesline wire.

Please refer to Instructions in Packaging for more detail how to install or watch our videos.


Screw in Ground Pegs

Screw in Ground Pegs



Firma in the Ground

Australian Design Registration No 202213443

Our new range of Aluminum Screw in Pegs come in two sizes, 295mm long and 365mm long. We have designed the head of the pegs with a taper so when screwing the pegs into the ground the hook and eye will be flush with the ground. We have a provision in the head of the peg for placing a strong piece of round bar into the pegs so they can be screwed into the ground by hand or use a standard 17mm socket with a ratchet.

Once the Pegs are screwed into the ground by hand or using the 17mm drill adapter socket, it is easy to attach the guy ropes and trace springs through either the hook or eye.

The Pegs have been designed to be used without the need for all the different types of plastic attachments that are supplied with other pegs on the market. How many times have the plastic attachments been lost when packing up, then not being able to use the pegs.

Retail inquiries welcome. Contact us [email protected]

Ground Pegs 295mm Long. The Terra-Bite.Ground Pegs 365mm Long. The Terra-Big Bite.Pet Ground Anchor SecureGround Pegs 365mm Long. The Terra-Big Bite X 2.

Could’nt get that on a little rotary line!

Could’nt get that on a little rotary line!

Couldn’t get that on a soppy little rotary line!

This was the comment from one of our customers.  Martin has a fifth wheeler and lives fulltime in his RV, he knows how difficult it is trying to get your washing dry.

All travellers know the problems they face after doing their washing.  There are not enough clotheslines in the caravan park, or you have the small rotary clothesline.  I know firsthand the problems when travelling as I had an RV.

Many times, I would do my washing only to find out my clothes were all over the park after winds picked up. This is the reason why I designed the All-In-One Clothesline.

We have had a number of great stories from our customers who have purchased the All-In-One Clothesline. Please feel free to send pictures and a story and we will put them on our Blog.

Thanking all of our customers who have purchased our new clothesline and other products.

Happy travelling!


We tested out the new All-In-One Caravan Awning Clothes Line.

We tested out the new All-In-One Caravan Awning Clothes Line.

We tested out the new All-In-One Caravan Awning Clothesline


Back in September last year, I wrote about the All-In-One Caravan Clothesline from Reverse Mate that was yet to hit the market. Now that it’s available, I’ve finally had a chance to try one out, and I was not disappointed.

Drying your clothes on the road comes with a few downsides, but the All-In-One Caravan Clothes Line from Reverse Mate has changed the game. No tools or drilling are required, just four hand bolts and the ability to install it on either the outside or underside of your awning. Installing the caravan clothes line on the underside of your awning gives your washing some privacy from the rest of the caravan park.

There are quite a few reasons why I would choose this caravan clothes line over the traditional fold-up and umbrella styles, so to keep it short and sweet, here are the pros and cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Won’t blow over in the wind
  • Fits a full load of washing or even a set of sheets
  • It can be installed on the underside of the awning for privacy
  • Features built-in tie-down clips
  • Very easy to install


  • Some Carefree Altitude Awnings have a 70mm tube the brackets will fit, the larger tube diameter of 88mm the clothesline brackets will fit.
  • Threading the line for the first time can make people sweary (or maybe it’s just me)
  • You’ll need to get a few tent poles if you want to hang a whole load of heavy stuff on it, like blankets and towels

What you get in the box

Everything you need is in the box and no tools are required. However, you will need to get yourself some tent poles if you want to hang heavy things off your clothesline so you’re not placing too much pressure on your awning. Most people have a few of these lying around, gathering dust in their garage somewhere.

In the box, you’ll get:

  • 2 x adjustable brackets that fit over the awning tube
  • 1 x centre line support bracket to minimise wire sagging
  • 15m x plastic coated clothes line wire with 165kg breaking strain
  • 4 x hand bolts
  • 2 x plastic strainer clips to tension the wire

More information and where to get one

The All-In-One Caravan Awning is now ready and able to be purchased from the Reverse Mate website. It will set you back $200 and more information can be found on the website. For an additional $25, it’s worth getting the kit that includes the Reflective Tie-Down Straps. They’re a set of handy awning tie-downs that feature a heavy-duty spring that takes the shock out of any unexpected gust of wind that threatens your awning.

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