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Caravan & RV Awning Clothesline with Removable Brackets are a Game Changer

Caravan & RV Awning Clothesline with Removable Brackets are a Game Changer

RV Devices totally understand the need to dry washing while travelling, this is why Grahame Pilgrim Invented and Designed the Caravan & RV All-In-One Clothesline Brackets.  Our new brackets are manufactured from Cast Aluminum and Powder Coated.

The Clothesline Brackets will help save our planet, they are totally environmentally friendly.  So easy to install No Drilling required just simply put the brackets over the awning tube and tighten the black knob on the lower cradle.  Repeat this process and the brackets are installed.   We have two videos on our website to demonstrate this easy process.

The brackets can hold a set of full-size sheets and wet towels at the same time.  There are two plastic coated wire lines available so plenty of room for all your washing.  You will also be saving on electricity costs by not using a dryer.

The All-In-One Clothesline Reversible Brackets were designed for all conditions. Users can still install their privacy screen when the brackets are under the awning, therefore you are able to hang your washing in private.

The clothesline brackets have been load tested by one of the leading rollout awning suppliers in Australia.  See the picture below and on our website.

The clothesline brackets do not put any load on the side arms.  Also, they have a built-in support cradle on each bracket to take the weight of the awning.  There are tie down clips built-in as part of the brackets, these built-in items save purchasers the extra cost of buying them separately.

There are no other clothesline brackets in the World that can be used outside or under the Caravan & RV rollout awnings.

The clothesline brackets are suitable for Dometic, Carefree, Global Heritage Awnings, Aussie Traveller, Jillaroo, Awnlux and many other styles on the market with a 90mm Tube.

We have had so many requests to do a clothesline bracket for the Carefree 70mm Altitude buyers or owners and the great news is we are in the process of manufacturing an insert to fit inside our brackets.

Clothesline Brackets Load Test


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