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Review: Screw in Ground Pegs

Review: Screw in Ground Pegs

By Jessica Palmer– RV Daily Content Lead April 1, 2024

We try out the new screw-in Ground pegs from RV Devices and Accessories.


1 What are Terra Bite ground pegs?          4.1 What we love about them.

2 Who are they for?                                      4.2 What could be better.

3 How did they go in the real world?         5 The verdict

4 Pros and cons of the Terra Bite ground pegs.

What are Terra Bite ground pegs?

Terra Bite ground pegs are a new range of aluminium screw-in pegs from   RV Devices and Accessories. Grahame, the owner, is also the Aussie inventor who bought us Reverse Mate and the All-In-One Caravan Clothesline. They come in two sizes, the Terra Bite, which is 295mm long and the Terra Big Bite, which is 365mm long.

The pegs are designed to be screwed into the ground with a drill using the Terra Pegs 17mm drill adapter. Alternatively, you can also hand screw them in place by placing a strong round bar into the top of the peg and rotating it like a corkscrew.

On the head of the Terra Bite ground peg, you’ll find a hook and eye for attaching guy ropes or a set of trace springs and straps to secure your awning down. The head is also tapered, allowing the hook and eye to sit flush with the ground should you wish.

Who are they for?

Anyone who wants to peg an awning down, whether it’s a roll-out attached to your caravan, part of your camper trailer setup, or the simpler type attached to your vehicle. They’re also handy for anyone travelling with a dog as they make a sturdy anchor for when you need to keep your furry friend secured at the campsite.

Ground Pegs 295mm Long x 4 Includes 17mm Driver Adapter

How did they go in the real world?

I took a brand-new set of Terra Bite ground pegs out on a camping trip to Ivory’s Rock near Ipswich recently and used them to peg down a simple fold out awning. It didn’t really get much of a workout in terms of strong wind gusts however, I can say that using a drill with the supplied drill adapter made getting them in the ground a breeze.

The ground might look soft in the photos below because of all that lovely grass, but don’t let it fool you. An inch or two down into the soft stuff and that ground was hard enough to bend the old style tent pegs that you hammer in. A little extra pressure on the drill and it was no problems though. Given that the ground was so hard, I used the 295mm Terra Pegs and didn’t even bother screwing them all the way in. It was pretty apparent that they weren’t going anywhere as it was.

Another point of interest is how light they are. The smaller Terra Peg (Terra Bite – 295mm) weighs around 200g and the larger one (Terra Big Bite – 365mm) weighs around 270g. They look like they would weigh a lot more so even with quite a few of them in a bag, it’s still only a couple of kilograms.

Pros and cons of the Terra Bite ground pegs

What we love about them

  • Drill friendly so you can get them into all sorts of ground types.
  • Lightweight
  • Solid
  • Goes far enough into the ground to ensure your awning isn’t going anywhere.

What could be better?

  • If it came with a metal rod for manual drilling

The Verdict

The Terra Bite ground pegs do what they are supposed to do and are easy to install, so I’ve now happily replaced my old pegs with these. Although you can buy the pegs individually, I got the caravan awning tie-down strap kit as not only does it come with four Terra Pegs and the drill adapter, but you also get four reflective straps (lashing capacity of 300kgs), two trace springs, a few G hooks, S hooks and snap hooks, as well as a zip-up bag to keep it all together.


Caravan & RV Awning Clothesline with Removable Brackets are a Game Changer

Caravan & RV Awning Clothesline with Removable Brackets are a Game Changer

RV Devices totally understand the need to dry washing while travelling, this is why Grahame Pilgrim Invented and Designed the Caravan & RV All-In-One Clothesline Brackets.  Our new brackets are manufactured from Cast Aluminum and Powder Coated.

The Clothesline Brackets will help save our planet, they are totally environmentally friendly.  So easy to install No Drilling required just simply put the brackets over the awning tube and tighten the black knob on the lower cradle.  Repeat this process and the brackets are installed.   We have two videos on our website to demonstrate this easy process.

The brackets can hold a set of full-size sheets and wet towels at the same time.  There are two plastic coated wire lines available so plenty of room for all your washing.  You will also be saving on electricity costs by not using a dryer.

The All-In-One Clothesline Reversible Brackets were designed for all conditions. Users can still install their privacy screen when the brackets are under the awning, therefore you are able to hang your washing in private.

The clothesline brackets have been load tested by one of the leading rollout awning suppliers in Australia.  See the picture below and on our website.

The clothesline brackets do not put any load on the side arms.  Also, they have a built-in support cradle on each bracket to take the weight of the awning.  There are tie down clips built-in as part of the brackets, these built-in items save purchasers the extra cost of buying them separately.

There are no other clothesline brackets in the World that can be used outside or under the Caravan & RV rollout awnings.

The clothesline brackets are suitable for Dometic, Carefree, Global Heritage Awnings, Aussie Traveller, Jillaroo, Awnlux and many other styles on the market with a 90mm Tube.

We have had so many requests to do a clothesline bracket for the Carefree 70mm Altitude buyers or owners and the great news is we are in the process of manufacturing an insert to fit inside our brackets.

Clothesline Brackets Load Test


2023 Best New Product/Accessory finalists announced..

2023 Best New Product/Accessory finalists announced..


After receiving a finalist nomination with his Reverse Aid kit back in 2021, Queensland’s Grahame Pilgrim is back in the mix in the 2023 Best New Product/Accessories category with his latest RV-related invention, the All-in-One Awning Clothesline.

Taking some of the hassle out of drying bed sheets and towels when caravanning in free or remote camps, the All-in-One Awning Clothesline weighs just 2.6kg and takes up less storage space than a more        conventional portable clothesline. It also won’t blow over in the wind and can dry more washing at the onetime including larger items like sheets and towels.

The clothesline is relatively easy to install and requires no drilling or other tools to assemble, with all the special bits required for set-up included in the box.

All-In-One Clothesline Brackets Load Tested

All-In-One Clothesline Brackets Load Tested


There are ads referring to RV and Caravan Clotheslines Voiding Warranty! We had our Brackets load tested by one of the largest rollout awning suppliers in Australia, the picture shows the brackets held the weight of two skip pallets, they could have taken more load as the plastic coated closeline wire we supply will carry a load up to 160kgs.

The kit includes two brackets that are shaped to grip the circular awning barrel, 15m of clothesline wire, four hand knobs and one aluminium tensioner. With the awning rolled out to your preferred pitch, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to set-up the clothesline on the outside of the awning, or underneath. The fact the All-In-One RV Clothesline can be set-up under the awning is a brilliant feature, and it’s just as easy to do it this way as it is to set it up outside of the awning.

Each of the two aluminium brackets has a tongue that slides into one of the awning’s grooves. With both brackets fitted either end. Each bracket has a special ‘arm’, to which the supplied clothesline is secured.

These arms are highly adjustable, so finding level isn’t too difficult. Once you have the brackets fitted and the arms have been adjusted to the best position, you can now fit the clothesline wire.

Please refer to Instructions in Packaging for more detail how to install or watch our videos.


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