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There are ads referring to RV and Caravan Clotheslines Voiding Warranty! We had our Brackets load tested by one of the largest rollout awning suppliers in Australia, the picture shows the brackets held the weight of two skip pallets, they could have taken more load as the plastic coated closeline wire we supply will carry a load up to 160kgs.

The kit includes two brackets that are shaped to grip the circular awning barrel, 15m of clothesline wire, four hand knobs and one aluminium tensioner. With the awning rolled out to your preferred pitch, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to set-up the clothesline on the outside of the awning, or underneath. The fact the All-In-One RV Clothesline can be set-up under the awning is a brilliant feature, and it’s just as easy to do it this way as it is to set it up outside of the awning.

Each of the two aluminium brackets has a tongue that slides into one of the awning’s grooves. With both brackets fitted either end. Each bracket has a special ‘arm’, to which the supplied clothesline is secured.

These arms are highly adjustable, so finding level isn’t too difficult. Once you have the brackets fitted and the arms have been adjusted to the best position, you can now fit the clothesline wire.

Please refer to Instructions in Packaging for more detail how to install or watch our videos.


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