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Your Reverse Mate™ FAQs

Have a question about Reverse Mate™? Considering buying our product, but want to know more about how it works? Have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions — if you still have a question for us, get in touch.

Do I have to order Reverse Mate™ online?

We have distributors that can be found on Google, otherwise you can order online.

Will the markers work at night time?

Yes! Our cleverly designed markers each have an LED light at the top. One marker will have a white LED and the other an amber LED.

White LEDs can be used as a work light too!

How long should shipping take?

This will depend on where you’re based. Our orders are typically dispatched within two days and should arrive within seven to ten (7 to 10) days for Australian customers. We’ll supply you with a tracking number so you can keep an eye out for your order.


Please note: Due to COVID-19, there may be some shipping delays.

Will the markers stand up on their own?

Yes! Once you’ve unpacked your Reverse Mate Markers from the bag, you can tilt the rods upright and twist the baseplates out to form a ‘plus’ shape. See how it works here. 

Are these markers suitable for all kinds of parking (such as reverse parallel)?

Yes they are — however please note that these would not be suitable for parking on public roads.

What if I have a small caravan or trailer?

With smaller caravans, setout where you would like your caravan positioned then start reversing using your mirrors, when your caravan wheel reaches the first marker start turning then line up your caravan with the rear marker. 

How much does Reverse Mate™ weigh?

Reverse Mate, including its parts and travel bag, weighs in at 2.6kg and is 600mm long.

Why is Reverse Mate™ better than using witches’ hats?

Reverse Mate™ takes away the concept of using witches’ hats to park, and makes it so much more convenient. The Reverse Mate™ markers fold up, so they can be placed in the supplied carry bag for a compact and lightweight solution.

Does this product come with warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty on each product supplied, this does not cover the included LED batteries.

Can I get a discount if I buy these in bulk for my business?

Yes, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team to discuss a tailored solution for you.

How do I replace LED batteries?
  1. Hold the upright orange tube in one hand.
  2. Turn the top of red LED anti-clockwise.
  3. Then replace the two 2032 button lithium batteries.
Where do you Ship your Products?

We currently Ship Australia wide and United States of America.


Australia Wide – $10 Flat Rate Shipping by Australia Post with Tracking Number.

United States – $ 25.50 USD Flat Rate Shipping per ReverseMate.

Other Countries – you will need to contact us


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